This is a seriously giant all-encompassing list of game characters, listed in alphabetical order. If you prefer a list of game characters by game appearance, hit up the game lists and pick a title, it will take you to that game's page with a list of the characters the game features. In the future, special crafted MUGEN creations may also be listed at the very bottom of the page.

Note: Many characters tend to end up with different spellings and names over the years thanks to translation issues (like Yunsung/Yun-Seong and the classic M.Bison/Balrog/Vega issue), so while the individual pages will get into this, most of the time the name listed here will be the American version (Martial Champion is one of the rare variations) with its most common and widely accepted spelling.


Table of Contents



Baby Bonnie Hood Female Darkstalkers
Baek Doo San Male Tekken
Bai-Hu Male Breakers
Baifu Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Baiken Female Guilty Gear
Balga Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Balrog Male Street Fighter
Ban Mido Male GetBackers
Bang-Boo Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Bang Shishigami Male BlazBlue
Bao Male King of Fighters
Baraka Male Mortal Kombat
Barts Male Kaiser Knuckle
Basara Kubikiri Male Samurai Shodown
Bass Armstrong Male Dead or Alive
Bastian Male X-Men
Batman Male Batman
Bay Hou Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Bazoo Male Rumble Fish
Beast Male X-Men
Beatrice Female Rumble Fish
Bella Female Strip Fighter II
Belladonna Female Thrill Kill
Benimaru Nikaido Male King of Fighters
Benkei Male Blood Warrior
Berserker Male Critical Blow
Betsy Female X-Men
Bian Male Abalaburn
Biff Slamkovich Male Slam Masters
Big Bear Male Fatal Fury
Bihua Cheung Female Fighter Maker
Bill Male Master's Fighter
Billy Kane Male Fatal Fury
Billy Lee Male Double Dragon
Billy Lee Male Double Dragon V
Bimbogami Male Momotaro Densetsu
Birdie Male Street Fighter
Bishamon Male Darkstalkers
Bishop Male X-Men
Black Hawk Male Samurai Shodown
Black Hayato Male Plasma Sword
Black Ranger Male Power Rangers
Black Widow Female Slam Masters
Blackheart Male Ghost Rider
Blade Male Double Dragon V
Blade Male Red Earth
Blanka Male Street Fighter
Blast Male Eternal Champions
Blat Vaike Male Knuckle Heads
Blitztank n/a Akatsuki Blitzkampf
Blob Male X-Men
Blood Male Abalaburn
Blood Barbarians Male Plasma Sword
Blue Mary Female Fatal Fury
Blue Ranger Male Power Rangers
Bob Male Fighter's Destiny
Bob Male Tekken
Bob Wilson Male Fatal Fury
Boba Fett Male Star Wars
Bobby Loggins Male Critical Blow
Bobby Nelson Male Aggressors or Dark Kombat
Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo Male Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo
Body Male Battle Master
Boggy Male Kaiser Knuckle
Bolok Male Vicious Cycle
Bone Crusher Male Fighter Maker
Bones Male Double Dragon V
Bonne Jenet Female Fatal Fury
Boogerman Male Boogerman
Boro Male Fighter's Destiny
Bowser Male Super Mario Bros.
Boy Male D-Xhird
Boyd Male Rumble Fish
Brian Battler Male King of Fighters
Bridget Male Guilty Gear
Broadway Female Perfect Soldiers
Brocken Male World Heroes
Bruce Irvin Male Tekken
Bryan Fury Male Tekken
Bullet Male Super Fighter
Bullzeye Male Bio FREAKS
Burai Yamamoto Male Big Bang Beat
Burandol Male Armed Fighter
Burke Murtlocke Male Fightin' Spirit
Burnov Male Double Dragon
Byakko Male Plasma Sword


CW-4 Axe Male Schmeiser Robo
Cable Male X-Men
Caesar Male Xena
Caligulus Male Theatre of Pain
Callisto Female Xena
Calucag Male Vs.
Camille Enfield Male Hinokakera
Cammy White Female Street Fighter
Cancer Male Zero Divide
Candy Female Fighting Vipers
Capriccio Male Fighting Layer
Captain America Male Avengers
Captain Commando Male Captain Commando
Captain Falcon Male F-Zero
Captain Kidd Male World Heroes
Captain Marvel Male Justice League
Captain Warrior Male Savage Warriors
Carl Clover Male BlazBlue
Carlos Male Daraku Tenshi
Carmilla Female Castlevania
Carlos Male Daraku Tenshi
Carlos Cortez Male Shadow: War of Succession
Carol Stanzack Female Savage Reign
Catherine Kyohbashi Female Arcana Heart
Catwoman Female Batman
Celberus Male Schmeiser Robo
Celes Alfort Female Hinokakera
Cell Male Dragon Ball Z
Chae Lim Female King of Fighters
Chainsaw Male Vicious Cycle
Cham Cham Female Samurai Shodown
Chamomille Serizawa Female Line-Kill Spirits
Chample Male Samurai Shodown
Chan Male Battle Master
Chandler Male Ultimate Fighter
Chang Koehan Male King of Fighters
Chagi Nelson Male Kasumi Ninja
Chaos Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Charlie Male Fighting Vipers
Charlie Nash Male Street Fighter
Charlotte Male Samurai Shodown
Cheetah Female Justice League
Chen-Mao Female Asura Buster
Cheng Male Super Cosplay Ultra War
Cheng Fu Male Double Dragon
Cheng Sin Zan Male Fatal Fury
Cherry Female Fighter's Destiny
Chewbacca Male Star Wars
Chiaki Ichinomiya Female Critical Blow
Chiho Matsuda Female Variable Geo
Chihiro Hiiragi Female Bushido Blade
Chimena Female Blue Breaker Burst
Chin Wo Male Eternal Champions
Chipp Zanuff Male Guilty Gear
Chintao Male Fight Fever
Chizuru Kagura Female King of Fighters
Chopper Male One Piece
Chou Bounge Male King of Fighters
Chris Male King of Fighters
Christie Female Dead or Alive
Christine Myao Female Knuckle Heads
Chung Male Savage Reign
Chung Male Tao Taido
Cindy Kurushima Female Fighter Maker
Claire Female Plasma Sword
Clarice Di Lanza Female Arcana Heart
Clark Steel Male Ikari Warriors
Claude Male Samurai Shodown
Claudia Silvia Female Knuckle Heads
Clestis Farrell Male Hinokakera
Clonus Male Bio FREAKS
Coco Male Astra SuperStars
Cody Travers Male Final Fight
Colleda Female Bikini Karate Babes
Colossus Male X-Men
Condor Heads Male Breakers
Cooler Male Dragon Ball Z
Cortio Male Savage Warriors
Countdown Male Double Dragon V
Cracker Jack Male Street Fighter EX
Crimson Glory Female Way of the Warrior
Crimson Viper Female Street Fighter
Crispy Male Eternal Champions
Croissant Mask Male Air Gear
Cronos Orma Male Bloody Roar
Crusher Ramirez Male Kakuto Chojin
Cui Ling Female Battle Arena Toshinden
Cula Male Tough Guy
Cupe Male Astra SuperStars
Cupido Female Battle Arena Toshinden
Curfue Male Asura Buster
Cyber-Akuma Male Marvel vs. Capcom
Cyborg 009 Male Cyborg 009
Cyborg D-9F Male Battle K-Road
Cyborg T-1P Male Battle K-Road
Cyclops Male X-Men
Cyclopsis Male Power Rangers
Cygnus Male Zero Divide
Cyrax Male Mortal Kombat


D-Dog Male Fighter's Destiny
Daigo Hotta Male Big Bang Beat
Daigo Raioh Male Lightning Legend
Daisy Female Doomsday Warrior
Dali=Dali Male Schmeiser Robo
Damned Male Final Fight
Dampierre Male Soul Calibur
Dan Male Battle K-Road
Dan Hibiki Male Street Fighter
Danja Ureda Female Kasumi Ninja
Danzaiver Male Evil Zone
Dao-Long Male Breakers
Dark Champion Male Eternal Champions
Dark Lady Female Marvel vs. Capcom
Dark Phoenix Female X-Men
Dark Sakura Female Marvel vs. Capcom
Darkseid Male Justice League
Darrius Male Mortal Kombat
Darth Vader Male Star Wars
Darun Mister Male Street Fighter EX
David Male Battle Arena Toshinden
David Human Male Kensei
Dawson McShane Male Eternal Champions
Dayton Trent Male Dark Rift
Death Male Castlevania
Death Male Time Killers
Dee Jay Male Street Fighter
Del Sol Male Fighting Vipers
Delara Zerai Female Dark Rift
Delta Female Bio FREAKS
Demitri Maximoff Male Darkstalkers
Demon Eyes Kyo Male Samurai Deeper Kyo
Demon Gaoh Male Samurai Shodown
Demonica Grroux Female Dark Rift
Despair Male Xena
Despero Male Justice League
Devil Daigo Male Big Bang Beat
Devil Jin Male Tekken
Devil Kazuya Male Tekken
Devilman Male Devilman
Dhalsim Male Street Fighter
Diablo Male Primal Rage
Dido Female Super Cosplay Ultra War
Dino Megazord Male Power Rangers
Diokles Male Blandia
Divine Female Ballz
Dixon Male Fighter's Destiny
Dizzy Female Guilty Gear
Dominura Female Armed Fighter
Dominique Female Double Dragon V
Domon Ishijima Male Flame of Recca
Don the Powerful Male Law of Ueki
Donatello Male TMNT
Dorothy Albright Female Arcana Heart
Donkey Kong Male Donkey Kong Country
Dotoh-Maru Male Schmeiser Robo
Dr. Baldhead Male Guilty Gear
Dr. Bosconovitch Male Tekken
Dr. Doom Male Fantastic Four
Dr. Edward Bilstein Male Plasma Sword
Dr. Ichigaki Male Yu Yu Hakusho
Dr. Kiln Male Clay Fighter
Dr. Mario Male Dr. Mario
Dr. Minerva Female Avengers
Dr. Peelgood Male Clay Fighter
Draco Male Samurai Shodown
Draco Male Zero Divide
Dracula Male Castlevania
Dragless Male Lightning Legend
Dragon Male Way of the Warrior
Dragonzord Male Power Rangers
Dredlok Male Vicious Cycle
Drethdok Male Battle Monsters
Duke Male King of Fighters
Duke B. Rambert Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Dultan Male Double Dragon
Duo Lan Male King of Fighters
Dural Female Virtua Fighter


EX Rickey Male Critical Blow
Eagle Female Burning Angels
Eagle Male Monster Maulers
Eagle Male Plasma Sword
Eagle Male Street Fighter
Earthquake Male Samurai Shodown
EarthQuaker Male Ultimate Fighter
Earthworm Jim Male Earthworm Jim
Eddie Male Double Dragon
Eddie Male Guilty Gear
Eddy Gordo Male Tekken
Edge Male Vicious Cycle
Edi.E Male Final Fight
Edmond Honda Male Street Fighter
Egith Male Rabbit
Eiji Kisaragi Male Art of Fighting
Eiji Shinjo Male Battle Arena Toshinden
El Bushido Male Fighter Maker
El Fuerte Male Street Fighter
El Gado Male Final Fight
El Stingray Male Slam Masters
Ele Female Plasma Sword
Elektrosoldat Male Akatsuki Blitzkampf
Elena Female Street Fighter
Eliot Male Dead or Alive
Elizabeth Belti Female Power Instinct
Ellis Female Battle Arena Toshinden
Elsa La Conti Female Arcana Heart
Emi Female Fighting Vipers
Enja Male Samurai Shodown
Equus Male Fighting Masters
Eos Female Battle Arena Toshinden
Eos Male Zero Divide
Ephiny Female Xena
Erel Plowse Female Evil Zone
Eri Hasumi Female Vanguard Princess
Eric Lecarde Male Castlevania
Eric Windsor Male Fightin' Spirit
Erick the Viking Male World Heroes
Erika Storm Female Shadow: War of Succession
Eriko Torii Female Maribato
Erina Goldsmith Female Variable Geo
Erus Female Super Cosplay Ultra War
Espio the Chameleon Male Sonic the Hedgehog
Eternal Champion Male Eternal Champions
Eve Female Black Cat
Eve Female Dark Rift
Eve Female Zero Divide
Evil Green Ranger Male Power Rangers
Evil Ryu Male Street Fighter
Exile Male Tao Feng
Exine Dulait Female Dark Rift


Fabien Male Fighter's Destiny
Falco Male Power Instinct
Falco Lombardi Male Star Fox
Faleh Al-Falech Male Fighter Maker
Fanel Female Alice Senki
Fang the Sniper Male Sonic the Hedgehog
Fanny Female Guilty Gear
Faust Male Guilty Gear
Faye Female Armed Fighter
Federico Male Fighter's Destiny
Fei-Long Male Street Fighter
Felden Male Galaxy Fight
Felicia Female Darkstalkers
Fen Barefoot Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Fergus Male Savage Warriors
Finkster Male Cardinal Syn
Fiolini Germi Female Metal Slug
Fiona Mayfield Female Arcana Heart
Fiorina Takai Female Shadow Arts
Flash Male Justice League
Fo Fai Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Folo Female Million KNights Vermillion
Fooly Male Astra SuperStars
Footee Female Asura Buster
Forelock Terrific Male Lightning Legend
Forest Law Male Tekken
Forge Male X-Men
Fox Male Bloody Roar
Fox McCloud Male Star Fox
Foxy Female King of Fighters
Foxy Roxy Female Brutal
Franco Bash Male Fatal Fury
Franco Gerelt Male Plasma Sword
Frank Male Super Fighter
Fritz Male Akatsuki Blitzkampf
Frost Female Mortal Kombat
Fudomaru Male Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer
Fujin Male Mortal Kombat
Fuko Kirisawa Female Flame of Recca
Fumi Himeno Female Mai-HiME
Futaba Date Female Gleam of Force


G Suneo Female Super Cosplay Ultra War
Gabrielle Female Xena
Gabrielle St.John Female Shadow: War of Succession
Ganesha Male Bloody Roar
Garnet Female Rumble Fish
Gai Male Dual Heroes
Gai Tendo Male Buriki ONE
Gaia Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Galford D. Weller Male Tekken
Gallows Male Samurai Shodown
Gally Gregman Male Evil Zone
Gambit Male X-Men
Gamof Gohgry Male Plasma Sword
Gamp Male Master's Fighter
Ganondorf Male Legend of Zelda
Ganryu Male Tekken
Gantetsu Male Plasma Sword
Gargant Male Onimusha
Garuda Female Street Fighter EX
Gates Oltman Male Psychic Force
Gato Male Fatal Fury
Gaudy Male Schmeiser Robo
Geese Howard Male Fatal Fury
Gekkou Male Kaiser Knuckle
Gemini Female Bikini Karate Babes
Gen Male Street Fighter
Gen Fu Male Dead or Alive
Gen-an Shiranui Male Samurai Shodown
General Male Kaiser Knuckle
Genjuro Kibagami Male Samurai Shodown
Genma Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Genma Takashima Male Psychic Force
Genshin Male Fighter Maker
Ghor Male Savage Warriors
Ghost Bilstein Male Plasma Sword
Ghost Kick Male Martial Masters
Giant Male Super Cosplay Ultra War
Giga Bowser Male Super Smash Bros.
Gigi Male Super Cosplay Ultra War
Gildus Male Blandia
Gill Male Street Fighter
Ginzou Kamada Male Fighter Maker
Glacius Male Killer Instinct
Gloria Female Dragon Master
Goat Male Asura Buster
Goemon Male Blood Warrior
Goh Kidokoro Male Aggressors or Dark Kombat
Gohan Son Male Dragon Ball Z
Goku Son Male Dragon Ball Z
Gokuu Male World Heroes
Golba Male Samurai Shodown
Goldar Male Power Rangers
Golem Male BloodStorm
Golem Male Castlevania
Golf Male Super Cosplay Ultra War
Golrio Male Fight Fever
Gamof Gohgry Male Plasma Sword
Gon Male Gon
Gon Male Super Cosplay Ultra War
Gonzales Male Kaiser Knuckle
Gordon Male Savage Reign
Gore Gajah Male Plasma Sword
Gorm Male Dark Rift
Goro Male Mortal Kombat
Goro Daimon Male King of Fighters
Goten Son Male Dragon Ball Z
Gotenks Male Dragon Ball Z
Gouken Male Street Fighter
Gozu Male Savage Reign
Grace Female Fighting Vipers
Grant Danasty Male Castlevania
The Great Oni Male Slam Masters
Greed Male Rumble Fish
Greed Male Soul Calibur
Green Arrow Male Justice League
Green Lantern Male Justice League
Green Ranger Male Power Rangers
Greg Jones Male Bloody Roar
Gregory Darrell Male Knuckle Heads
Gren Kuts Male Tobal
Grey Hulk Male TMNT
Griffon Female Burning Angels
Grimm Female Schmeiser Robo
Grimrock Male Doomsday Warrior
Grunt Male Onimusha
Guile Male Street Fighter
Guilmon Male Digimon
Gun Male Dual Heroes
Gun-Jack Male Tekken
Gunloc Male Slam Masters
Gurianos Male Blandia
Gustoff Male Battle Blaze
Guy Male Final Fight


Habaki Kiri-Gakure Male Kasumi Ninja
Hagane Ichinomiya Male Critical Blow
Hakumen Male BlazBlue
Han Male Armed Fighter
Han Baedal Male Fight Fever
Han Daehan Male Ehrgeiz
Han Solo Male Star Wars
Hana Female Dual Heroes
Hank Male Savage Warriors
Hanny Male Big Bang Beat
Hannya Male Rurouni Kenshin
Hanzo Hattori Male Samurai Shodown
Haohmaru Male Samurai Shodown
Happosai Male Ranma 1/2
Hardy Alfort Male Hinokakera
Harimaoh Male Battle K-Road
Harley Quinn Female Batman
Haruka Kutuna Female Vanguard Princess
Haruka Suzushiro Female Mai-HiME
Hatsune Hirasaka Female Alice Senki
Havik Male Mortal Kombat
Havok Male X-Men
Hayate Male Dead or Alive
Hayate Ayasaki Male Hayate no Gotoku
Hayato Kanzaki Male Plasma Sword
Hazama Male Rumble Fish
Heart Aino Female Arcana Heart
Heavy D! Male King of Fighters
Heidern Male King of Fighters
Heihachi Mishima Male Tekken
Heishiro Mitsurugi Male Soul Calibur
Heita Zinnai Male Big Bang Beat
Helena Douglas Female Dead or Alive
Hibiki Takane Female Last Blade
Hideo Shimazu Male Rival Schools
HighAbott Male Way of the Warrior
Highway Star Female Angel Eyes
Hikari Female Rumble Fish
Hilde Female Soul Calibur
Hinako Shijou Female King of Fighters
Hiryu Male Survival Arts
Hiso Male Super Cosplay Ultra War
Hitomi Female Dead or Alive
Hoar Male Star Wars
Holy Order Sol Male Guilty Gear
Honey Female Sonic the Fighters
Hooter Male Eternal Champions
Hope Female Xena
Hsien-Ko Male Darkstalkers
Hugo Andore Male Final Fight
Hulk Male Incredible Hulk
Hwa Jai Male Fatal Fury
Hwoarang Male Tekken
Hyena Male King of Fighters
Hyoma Tsukikage Male Kensei


Ian Male Fight for Life
Iceman Male X-Men
Icepick Male Double Dragon V
Ichigo Kurosaki Male Bleach
Igniz Male King of Fighters
Ihadurca Female Evil Zone
Indian Joe Male Super Fighter
Ikkyo Male Blood Warrior
Ikumi Amasawa Female Eternal Fighter Zero
Imageo Male Blandia
Impmon Male Digimon
I-no Female Guilty Gear
Ino Yamanaka Female Naruto
InuYasha Male InuYasha
Iori Yagami Male King of Fighters
Ippo Makunouchi Male Hajimo no Ippo
Iroha Female Samurai Shodown
Iron Man Male Avengers
Iron Monk Male Tao Feng
Iron Tager Male BlazBlue
Irriana Female Blandia
Isis Female Bikini Karate Babes
Itsuki Minami Male Air Gear
Ivan Ooze Male Power Rangers
Ivon Sokolov Male Buruki ONE
Izanagi Male D-Xhird


J Female Master's Fighter
J. Male Samurai Shodown
J.D. Stone Male Kakuto Chojin
J. McCoy Male Kaiser Knuckle
Jaan Male Super Fighter
Jack Male Clay Fighter
Jack Male Power Stone
Jack Male Tekken
Jack-2 Male Tekken
Jack-5 Male Tekken
Jack-6 Male Tekken
Jack Mantis Male Metal & Lace
Jack the Ripper Male World Heroes
Jack Turner Male Art of Fighting
Jacques Ducalis Male Buriki ONE
Jade Female Mortal Kombat
Jade Male Tuff E Nuff
Jail Lance Male Battle Tycoon
Jam Kuradoneri Male Guilty Gear
Jamie Hunter Female Fighter Maker
Jann Lee Male Dead or Alive
Janne D'Arc Female World Heroes
Janus Male Theatre of Pain
Jarek Male Mortal Kombat
Jawbreaker Male Double Dragon V
JB Reese Male VR Troopers
Jean Pierre Polnareff Male JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Jedah Doma Male Darkstalkers
Jeff Howard Male Battle K-Road
Jeffry McWild Male Virtua Fighter
Jenghis Carn Male World Heroes
Jennifer Lloyd Female Fighter Maker
Jenny Female Fight for Life
Jenshi Male Fightin' Spirit
Jetta Maxx Female Eternal Champions
Jhun Hoon Male King of Fighters
Jian Male Battle Master
Jigglypuff Female Pokemon
Jill Valentine Female Resident Evil
Jimmy Lee Male Double Dragon
Jimmy Lee Male Double Dragon V
Jin Male Heaven's Gate
Jin Male Martial Champion
Jin Male SD Fighters
Jin Fu-Ha Male Art of Fighting
Jin Kazama Male Tekken
Jin Kisaragi Male BlazBlue
Jin Saotome Male Cyberbots
Jinbei Sugamata Male Samurai Shodown
Jinpachi Mishima Male Tekken
Jiraiya Male Naruto
Jivatma Male King of Fighters
Jodo Kast Male Star Wars
Joe Male Street Fighter
Joe Fendi Male Fighting Layer
Joe Higashi Male Fatal Fury
Joe Inagaki Male Last Bronx
Joe Kusanagi Male Aggressors or Dark Kombat
Joe Yabuki Male Ashita no Joe
John Anderson Male Battle K-Road
John Crawley Male Art of Fighting
Johnny Male Guilty Gear
Johnny Cage Male Mortal Kombat
Johnny Maximum Male World Heroes
The Joker Male Batman
Joker Male Fighter's Destiny
Joker Male Flame of Recca
Joker Male Savage Reign
Joker Male Super Fighter
Jon Talbain Male Darkstalkers
Jotaro Kujo Male JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Joxer Male Xena
Jubei Yagyu Male Onimusha
Jubei Yagyu Male Samurai Shodown
Jubei Yamada Male Fatal Fury
Judgment Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Juggernaut Male X-Men
Juli Female Street Fighter
Julia Chang Female Tekken
Jumbo Flap Jack Male Slam Masters
Jun Kagami Female King of Fighters
Jun Kazama Female Tekken
Jun Kubota Female Variable Geo
June Lin Milliam Female Plasma Sword
Juni Female Street Fighter
Jurane Female Blandia
Juri Female Galaxy Fight
Juri Female Street Fighter
Justice Female Guilty Gear
Jyazu Male Savage Reign


K' Male King of Fighters
K9999 Male King of Fighters
K.O.J. Male Lightning Legend
Kadi Female Bikini Karate Babes
Kaede Female Fighters' Impact
Kaede Female Onimusha
Kaede Female Plasma Blade
Kaede Hioh Female Vanguard Princess
Kage Hoshi Male Flame of Recca
Kage-Maru Male Virtua Fighter
Kahn Male Cardinal Syn
Kahn Male Kakuto Chojin
Kai Male Armed Fighter
Kai Male Mortal Kombat
Kakashi Hatake Male Naruto
Kakeru Male Hinokakera
Kakia Female Bikini Karate Babes
Kakurine Female Evil Zone
Kamelion Male VR Troopers
Kami Female Blue Breaker Burst
Kamikirimusi Female Soul Calibur
Kamui Tokinomiya Female Arcana Heart
Kanae Female Akatsuki Blitzkampf
Kanae Kinoshita Female Gleam of Force
Kane Male Thrill Kill
Kang Male Master's Fighter
Kanko Itoh Female Line-Kill Spirits
Kano Male Mortal Kombat
Kaori Female Shaq Fu
Kaori Yanase Female Variable Geo
Kaoru Male Deadly Arts
Kaoru Akashi Female Zettai Karen Children
Kaoru Male Flame of Recca
Kappah Nosuke Male Plasma Sword
Kara Female
Karai Female TMNT
Karas Male Karas
Karate Kenji Male Fight Fever
Karla Keller Female Tattoo Assassins
Karman Cole Male Art of Fighting
Karen Female D-Xhird
Kasumi Female Blood Warrior
Kasumi Female Dead or Alive
Kasumi Female Ninja Masters
Kasumi Seiga Freslight Female Hinokakera
Kasumi Todoh Female Art of Fighting
Kate Female Fighter's Destiny
Kate Male Super Cosplay Ultra War
Katsuko Hosokawa Female Gleam of Force
Kay Unsure Super Cosplay Ultra War
Kaya Female Rumble Fish
Kayin Amoh Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Kazemon Female Digimon
Kazuki Mutou Male Busuou Renkin
Kazuki Tojo Male Fighter Maker
Kazuma Kuwabara Male Yu Yu Hakusho
Kazuya Male Kaiser Knuckle
Kazuya Mishima Male Tekken
Keel Male Golden Axe
Kei Iwase Male Critical Blow
Keith Storm Male Fighter Maker
Keiya Tenpouin Male Evil Zone
Ken Masters Male Street Fighter
Kendo & Kyudo Nakanishi Female/Female Big Bang Beat
Kenichi Shirahama Male History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi
Kenshiro Kasumi Male Hokuto no Ken
Kento Sazaki Male Fightin' Spirit
Kerrel Male Battle Blaze
Kerypmon Male Digimon
Kiki Female Super Cosplay Ultra War
Kikyo Female InuYasha
Killian Male Samurai Shodown
Kim Dong Hwan Male Fatal Fury
Kim Dragon Male World Heroes
Kim Hoon Male Fight Fever
Kim Hye-Ryen Male Samurai Shodown
Kim Jae Hoon Male Fatal Fury
Kim Kaphwan Male Fatal Fury
Kim Ung Che Male Samurai Shodown
King Female Art of Fighting
King Male Asura Buster
King Male Tough Guy
King 1st Male Tekken
King 2nd Male Tekken
King Rasta Mon Male Slam Masters
King Tai Chi Male Super Fighter
Kinshiro Male Blood Warrior
Kintaro Male Mortal Kombat
Kira Daidohji Female Arcana Heart
Kirby Male Kirby's Adventure
Kisarah Westfield Female Aggressors of Dark Kombat
Kleude Male Abalaburn
Kliff Undersn Male Guilty Gear
Kl'Klakt Male Vicious Cycle
Knuckles the Echidna Male Sonic the Hedgehog
Kobra Male Mortal Kombat
Kogeto Hanzo Male World Heroes
Kohjin Male D-Xhird
Koji Masuda Male Ehrgeiz
Koji Nakamatsu Male Fighter Maker
Kojiro Sanada Female Last Blade
Konoha Female Arcana Heart
Koran Mori Male Flame of Recca
Kosuke Ueki Male Law of Ueki
Kotaro Fuuma Male World Heroes
Kotaro Shindo Male Kotaro Makaritou!
Kotone Himekawa Male To Heart
Kotono Female Tuff E Nuff
Kraav Male Vicious Cycle
Kraitos Male God of War
Krizalid Male King of Fighters
K's Male Tuff E Nuff
Kugo Shuko Male Double Dragon
Kuhn Male Fighting Vipers
Kula Diamond Female King of Fighters
Kull the Despoiler Male Way of the Warrior
Kuma Male Tekken
Kuma-Chan Male Fighters Megamix
Kumachan Male Battle K-Road
Kunagi Tenrou Female Big Bang Beat
Kung Lao Male Mortal Kombat
Kunimitsu Female Tekken
Kupala Female Bikini Karate Babes
Kurama Male Yu Yu Hakusho
Kurara Hanakouji Female Power Instinct
Kuroko Male Samurai Shodown
Kurumi Mirumati Female Vanguard Princess
Ky Kiske Male Guilty Gear
Kyo-1 Male King of Fighters
Kyo-2 Male King of Fighters
Kyo Classic Male King of Fighters
Kyo Kusanagi Male King of Fighters
Kyoko Kirishima Female Variable Geo
Kyoshiro Senryo Male Samurai Shodown
Kyosuke Kagami Male Rival Schools
Kyosuke Shigure Male Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer
Kyoya Male Deadly Arts


Lady Deathstrike Female X-Men
Lancelot Lakeknight Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Lan Male Super Fighter
Lang Male Battle Blaze
Lao Male Fatal Fury
Lao Ma Female Xena
Larcen Tyler Male Eternal Champions
Larry Male Power Instinct
Lars Alexandersson Male Tekken
Lau Chan Male Virtua Fighter
Lau Tsung Male Fighter Maker
Launa Female Blandia
Layban Male Doomsday Warrior
Lee Male Tough Guy
Lee Chaolan Male Tekken
Lee Hae Gwan Male Aggressors or Dark Kombat
Lee Pai Long Male Art of Fighting
Lei Wang Male Fighter Maker
Lei-Li Lee Female Fighter Maker
Lemure Male Theatre of Pain
Lenny Creston Female Art of Fighting
Leo Female Tekken
Leon Male Asura Buster
Leon Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Leon Male Dead or Alive
Leon Male Fighter's Destiny
Leona Heidern Female King of Fighters
Leonardo Male TMNT
Leonhalt Domador Male Aggressors or Dark Kombat
Leopauldon Male Guilty Gear
Leopold Geonitz Male King of Fighters
Lettuce Male Astra SuperStars
Lex Luthor Male Superman
Li Hua Female Kaiser Knuckle
Li Xiang Fei Female Fatal Fury
Li Xianghua Female Soul Calibur
Licca-chan Female Licca-chan
Lien Neville Female King of Fighters
Lieselotte Achenbach Female Arcana Heart
Lightning Male Asura Buster
Lili Female Tekken
Lilica Felchenerow Female Arcana Heart
Lilith Female Darkstalkers
Lilith Female Vanguard Princess
Lilly Kane Female King of Fighters
Lin Male King of Fighters
Linedwell Rainrix Male Evil Zone
Link Male Legend of Zelda
Lion Rafale Male Virtua Fighter
Lipsyncher Female Power Rangers
Lisa Female Ultimate Fighter
Lisa Kusanami Female Last Bronx
Lita Female Street Combat
Litchi Faye Ling Female BlazBlue
Liu Kang Male Mortal Kombat
Liza Female Kaiser Knuckle
Lizard Male Super Cosplay Ultra War
Lizardman Male Soul Calibur
Lo Chi Sun Male Vicious Cycle
Lockjaw Male Rise of the Robots
Long Singe Male Bloody Roar
Long Way Male Master's Fighter
Lopmon Male Digimon
Lord Rapter Male Darkstalkers
Lord Gyaku Male Kasumi Ninja
Lord Zedd Male Power Rangers
Lorentz O'Donnel Male Fightin' Spirit
Lu Bu Male Dynasty Warriors
Lu Xun Male Dynasty Warriors
Luca Female Plasma Sword
Lucina Female Bikini Karate Babes
Lucky Glauber Male King of Fighters
Lucy Heartphilia Male Fairy Tale
Lud Male Rumble Fish
Luigi Male Super Mario Bros.
Luise Meyrink Female King of Fighters
Lucas Male EarthBound
Lucifer Male D-Xhird
Luke Skywalker Male Star Wars
Lun Male Fight for Life
Luna Glinka Female Vanguard Princess
Lynette Female Soul Calibur


M-A-D Male Power Instinct
Madam Woe Female Power Rangers
Madiesha Female Tough Guy
Madoi Takeda Female Gleam of Force
Magaki Male King of Fighters
Magic Dunker Male Fight Fever
Magneto Male X-Men
Mai Shiranui Female Fatal Fury
Mai Tokiha Female Mai-HiME
Main Female Doomsday Warrior
Major Gaines Male Way of the Warrior
Makaryudo Male Battle Monsters
Maki Genryusai Female Final Fight
Maki Kagura Female King of Fighters
Makoto Female Street Fighter
Makoto Sanada Female Gleam of Force
Malcolm Fox Male Way of the Warrior
Malin Female King of Fighters
Mallus Male Vicious Cycle
Manbou Male Big Bang Beat
Mamoru Takamura Male Hajime no Ippo
Manami Kusonoki Female Variable Geo
Manjimaru Sengoku Male Far East of Eden
Mao Chilling Female Critical Blow
Maori Kasuga Female Arcana Heart
Mara Jade Female Tekken
Marco Male Kaiser Knuckle
Maria Castana Female Alice Senki
Maria Renard Female Castlevania
Mario Male Super Mario Bros.
Marilyn Sue Female Akatsuki Blitzkampf
Marian Female Double Dragon
Marionette Female Darkstalkers
Mark Stanford Male Critical Blow
Maronite Female Astra SuperStars
Marrow Female X-Men
Marry Phillips Female Critical Blow
Marshall Law Male Tekken
Martha Female Strip Fighter II
Mary Ivonskaya Female Tobal
Masamichi Ohyama Male Battle K-Road
Master Male Fighter's Destiny
The Master Male Savage Warriors
Master Bison Male Street Fighter
Master Himitsu Keesha Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Master Sage Male Vipers
Master Taekuk Male Fight Fever
Material Female Variable Geo
Marth Male Fire Emblem
Max Eagle Male Savage Reign
Maxima Male Robo Army
May Female Guilty Gear
May Lee Jinju Female King of Fighters
Mayu Uzaka Female Lightning Legend
McGill Male Blandia
McKreig Male Cardinal Syn
MeatBall Male Savage Warriors
Mechanized Zangief Male Marvel vs. Capcom
Medusa Female Strip Fighter II
Mega Man Male Mega Man
Mega Man.EXE Male Mega Man Battle Network
Mega Tigerzord Male Power Rangers
Megatron Male Transformers
Meguri Kyoza Female Flame of Recca
Mei-Fang Male Arcana Heart
Meiling Female Fighter's Destiny
Mephisto Male Marvel vs. Capcom
Merkaur Male Critical Blow
Mewtwo Male Pokemon
Mezu Male Savage Reign
Mi Sasazuka Female Shadow Arts
Michael Max Male Fatal Fury
Michael Sypher Male Fighter Maker
Michaelangelo Male TMNT
Michelle Chang Female Tekken
Mickey Rogers Male Art of Fighting
Microman Male Microman
Midknight Male Eternal Champions
Midori Himeno Female Evil Zone
Midori Sugiura Female Mai-HiME
Mignon Beart Female King of Fighters
Miguel Caballero Rojo Male Tekken
Mike Male Body Blows
Miki Hurusu Female Alice Senki
Mikoto Minagi Female Mai-HiME
Mildred Avallone Female Arcana Heart
Millia Rage Female Guilty Gear
Minami Maeda Female Gleam of Force
Minatek Male Bio FREAKS
Minotaur Male Power Rangers
Miranda Jyahana Female Variable Geo
Miroku Male InuYasha
Mishell Female Master's Fighter
Mishio Amano Female Eternal Fighter Zero
Miss Till Female Battle Arena Toshinden
Miss X-File Female Burning Angels
Misu Atago Female Lightning Legend
Mito Male Rumble Fish
Mitsuji Tanimachi Male Battle K-Road
Mitsuko Nonomura Female Bloody Roar
Miu Furinji Female History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi
Miu Kurosaki Female King of Fighters
Miyabi Female Battle Arena Toshinden
Miyu Greer Female Mai-HiME
Miyuki Female Fight Fever
Mizuchi Male King of Fighters
Mizuka Nagamori Female Eternal Fighter Zero
Moai Male Gradius
Moe Habana Female King of Fighters
Modoki Male Zero Divide
MokoMoko Female Lightning Legend
Mokoto Narukami Female Fighter Maker
Mokujin Either Tekken
Mokuren Nagai Male Flame of Recca
Moloch Male Mortal Kombat
Mondo Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Mongo Male Survival Arts
Monkey D. Luffy Male One Piece
Morrigan Aensland Female Darkstalkers
Motaro Male Mortal Kombat
Mou Female Fighter's Destiny
Mr. Big Male Art of Fighting
Mr. Death Male Master's Fighter
Mr. G Male Fight for Life
Mr. Karate Male Art of Fighting
Mr. Karate II Male Art of Fighting
Mudman Male World Heroes
Muhali Male Fight for Life
Mujoe (Mister Meanie) Male Bomberman
Mukai Male King of Fighters
Murakami Male Akatsuki Blitzkampf
Muscle Power Male World Heroes
Mutilator Male Bio FREAKS
Mycale Female Akatsuki Blitzkampf
Mystique Female X-Men


Nagase Female King of Fighters
Nagi Female Bloody Roar
Nagi Hojo Female Last Bronx
Nagisa Iwashiro Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Nakoruru Female Samurai Shodown
Nami Female One Piece
Nanami Female Asura Buster
Nanase Male Heaven's Gate
Nanase Mizukami Female Street Fighter EX
Nao Yuuki Female Mai-HiME
Naru Amoh Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Naruto Uzamaki Male Naruto
Nate Male Abalaburn
Natsu Aihara Female Rival Schools
Natsu Dragneel Male Fairy Tale
Natsuki Kuga Female Mai-HiME
Nau Naughty Male Lightning Legend
Nazuna Inuwaka Female Arcana Heart
Neco Female Zero Divide
Necro Male Street Fighter
Negal Kinoshita Female Gleam of Force
Negi Springfield Male Negima!?
Neil McDaniel Male Critical Blow
Nemesis Female Bikini Karate Babes
Nemesis Male Theatre of Pain
Neo-Dio Male World Heroes
Neo Geegus Male World Heroes
Nereid Male Zero Divide
Ness Male EarthBound
Nick Commando Male Fight Fever
Nico Robin Female One Piece
Nicola Zaza Male Savage Reign
Nightcrawler Male X-Men
Nightmare Male Soul Calibur
Nightmare Geese Male King of Fighters
Nikki Chan Female Way of the Warrior
Nina Female Strip Fighter II
Nina Williams Female Tekken
Ninja Male Body Blows
Ninja Male Fighter's Destiny
Ninja Male Way of the Warrior
Ninja Megazord Male Power Rangers
Ninon Beart Female King of Fighters
Nitara Female Mortal Kombat
Noboru Takizawa Male Blazing Transfer Student
Nobuko Female Million KNights Vermillion
Nobunaga Male Way of the Warrior
Noel Vermillion Female BlazBlue
Noob Saibot Male Mortal Kombat
Noriku Nijou Female Maribato
Norimaro Male Marvel vs. Capcom
Nork Male Tobal
Nox Male Zero Divide
Nuform Female Doomsday Warrior


Oboro Male Darkstalkers
Obsidian Lord Male Mai-HiME
Ocha-Maro Karakuri Male Samurai Shodown
Octro Male Clay Fighter
Ogre Male Tekken
Okina no Genbu Male Last Blade
Oliems Male Tobal
Omachi-Chan Female Line-Kill Spirits
Omega Male Plasma Sword
Omega Red Male X-Men
Onaga Male Mortal Kombat
Onimalu Male Super Fighter
Oolan Male Yie Ar Kung Fu
Optimus Male Theatre of Pain
Optimus Prime Male Transformers
Original Zero Male King of Fighters
Oro Male Street Fighter
Orochi Iori Male King of Fighters
Orochi Leona Female King of Fighters
Orville Male Rumble Fish
Os Feng Male Super Cosplay Ultra War
Oshima Goketsuji Male Power Instinct
Otto Male Million KNights Vermillion
Oyaji GiriGiri Male Lightning Legend


PTX-40A Male Lost Planet
P-Lump Male Doomsday Warrior
Pac-Helo Male Super Cosplay Ultra War
Pai Chan Female Virtua Fighter
Pakawa Male Kasumi Ninja
Pamela Female Savage Warriors
Panda Female Tekken
Papeko Imagawa Female Gleam of Force
Parace L'Sia Female Arcana Heart
Patrick Van Hayting Male Buriki ONE
Patton Misnarge Male Alice Senki
Paul Phoenix Male Tekken
Payak Sitpitak Male Buriki ONE
Perfecti Female Akatsuki Blitzkampf
Persphone Female Bikini Karate Babes
Petra Johanna Lagerkvist Female Arcana Heart
Pho Huang Female Super Fighter
Phoenix Female X-Men
Piccolo Male Dragon Ball Z
Pichu Male Pokemon
Pielle Montario Male Breakers
Pierre Male Fighter's Destiny
Pikachu Male Pokemon
Pinga Female Bikini Karate Babes
Pink Ranger Female Power Rangers
Pixel Female Zero Divide
Pochi Male Flame of Recca
Pog Male Fight for Life
Poison Female? Final Fight
Politank-Z Male Waku Waku 7
Poochy Male Power Instinct
Pooly Male Abalaburn
Poppy Female Samurai Shodown
Potemkin Male Guilty Gear
Power Jack Male Tekken
Power Pro-kun Male Power Pro Baseball
President Male Armed Fighter
Prince Male Power Instinct
Prince Saturn Male Plasma Sword
Princess Leia Organa Female Star Wars
Princess Orion Female Cardinal Syn
Princess Peach Female Super Mario Bros.
Princess Sissy Female Power Instinct
Princess Zelda Female Legend of Zelda
Professor X Male X-Men
Prototype Jack Male Tekken
Psyclown Male Bio FREAKS
Psylocke Female TMNT
Puella Marionette Female Battle Arena Toshinden
Pupa Salgueiro Female Rage of the Dragons
Pyrge Male Bio FREAKS
Pyro Male X-Men


Q Male Street Fighter
Q-Bee Female Darkstalkers


R Tanaka Ichiro Male Kyukyoku Chojin R
RAX Coswell Male Eternal Champions
Rachael Female Battle Arena Toshinden
Rachel Alucard Female BlazBlue
Ragna the Bloodedge Male BlazBlue
Rago Male Ultimate Fighter
Rai-On Male Plasma Sword
Raiden Male Fatal Fury
Raiden Male Mortal Kombat
Rain Bilstein Female Plasma Sword
Rainbow Mika Female Street Fighter
Ralph Jones Male Ikari Warriors
Ramon Male King of Fighters
Ramses III Male Eternal Champions
Rance Male Alice Senki
Rankerk Hatred Male Lightning Legend
Ranmaru Female Battle Master
Raphael Male TMNT
Rario Male Super Cosplay Ultra War
Rasetsumaru Male Samurai Shodown
Rasputin Male World Heroes
Raven Male Hinokakera
Raven Male Tekken
Raven Gindar Female Eternal Champions
Ray Fillet Male TMNT
Ray Iwata Male Fighter Maker
Raysen Female Alice Senki
Rear Female Super Cosplay Ultra War
Recca Hanabishi Male Flame of Recca
Red Arremer Male Ghosts 'n Goblins
Red Ranger Male Power Rangers
RedEye Male Last Bronx
Rei Hokuto Male Hokuto no Ken
Reiji Male Bloody Roar
Reiji Male Kakuto Chojin
Reiji Oogami Male King of Fighters
Reimi Jyuhana Female Variable Geo
Remu Male Super Cosplay Ultra War
Remy Male Street Fighter
Ren Idagawa Male Big Bang Beat
Rena Female Kakuto Chojin
Renamon Female Digimon
Replicant Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Reptile Male Mortal Kombat
Rera Female Samurai Shodown
Retsu.Zen Male Blandia
Reverant Male Soul Calibur
Reymond Norman Male Critical Blow
Rhajang Male Fightin' Spirit
Richard Meyer Male Fatal Fury
Rick Male Ultimate Fighter
Rick Simpson Male Battle K-Road
Rickey Leon Male Critical Blow
Riggs Riddick Male Shadow: War of Succession
Rika Female Battle Arena Toshinden
Rikuo Aulbath Male Darkstalkers
Rila Estansia Female Breakers
Rimgal Male Plasma Sword
Rimururu Female Samurai Shodown
Rin Oyama Female Power Instinct
Rina Toba Female Shadow Arts
Rinko Aimoto Female Shadow Arts
Rip Saber Male Slam Masters
Ripper Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Riptide Female Eternal Champions
Riptor Male Killer Instinct
Rob Male Fighter's Destiny
Rob Python Male Buriki ONE
Rob vincent Male Knuckle Heads
Robert Garcia Male Art of Fighting
Roberto Miura Male Rival Schools
Robo-Ky Male Guilty Gear
Rock Adams Male Soul Calibur
Rock Howard Male Fatal Fury
Rock Lee Male Naruto
Rock Trigger Male Mega Man Legends
Rody Birts Male Art of Fighting
Roger Male Tekken
Rogue Female X-Men
Rolento Schugerg Male Final Fight
Roll Female Mega Man
Rokurouta Male Asura Buster
RonRon Female Battle Arena Toshinden
Rook Castle Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Rophen Heimer Male Fight Fever
Rosa Female Savage Reign
Rose Female Abalaburn
Rose Female Street Fighter
Rosemary Female Asura Buster
Rouga Zanma Male Big Bang Beat
Rouge Female Astra SuperStars
Rouge Female Power Stone
Rouge the Bat Female Sonic the Hedgehog
Roxy Female Kakuto Chojin
Roy Male Fire Emblem
Ruby Heart Female Marvel vs. Capcom
Rufus Male Street Fighter
Rugal Bernstein Male King of Fighters
Ruki Uesugi Female Gleam of Force
Rukia Kuchiki Female Bleach
Rungo Iron Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Ryo Sakazaki Male Art of Fighting
Ryo Takatsuki Male Project ARMS
Ryofu Male World Heroes
Ryoko Kano Female Fighter's History
Ryoko Izumo Female World Heroes
Ryu Male Street Fighter
Ryu Hayabusa Male Ninja Gaiden
Ryuhaku Todoh Male Art of Fighting
Ryuji Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Ryuji Male Fighter's Destiny
Ryuji Yamazaki Male Fatal Fury
Ryuko Female Super Cosplay Ultra War


S. Geist Male Asura Buster
S.I.D. Male Dark Rift
SWW Male Super Cosplay Ultra War
Saber Female Fate/stay night
Sabotage Female Bio FREAKS
Sabretooth Male X-Men
Sabrina Female D-Xhird
Saeki Male Fighter's Destiny
Sahad Asran Ryuto Male Power Instinct
Sai Male Akatsuki Blitzkampf
Saizo Male Breakers
Sakamoto Male Astra SuperStars
Sakamoto Male Master's Fighter
Saki Mitonoya Female Vanguard Princess
Saki Shinjo Female Variable Geo
Saki Tsuzura Female Arcana Heart
Sakura Haruno Female Naruto
Sakura Kusagano Female Street Fighter
Sakuya Female Super Cosplay Ultra War
Samurai Male Fighter's Destiny
Sana Harada Female Line-Kill Spirits
Sanada Male Ultimate Fighter
Sandra Belti Female Power Instinct
Saki Omoane Female Quiz Nanairo Dreams
Sanjuroh Male D-Xhird
Sankuro Yorozu Male Samurai Shodown
Sanpei Male Blood Warrior
Sanzou Kongoumaru Male Big Bang Beat
Sarah Bryant Female Virtua Fighter
Sarorkov Male Super Fighter
Sasha Female Iron & Blood
Sasha Romanoff Male Shadow: War of Succession
Sasquatch Male Darkstalkers
Sasuke Male Ehrgeiz
Sasuke Uchiha Male Naruto
Satan Volte Male Astra SuperStars
Saturn Dyer Male Plasma Sword
Sauron Male Pimal Rage
Sazanka Male Bushido Blade
Scheherazade Female Soul Calibur
Schmeiser Male Schmeiser Robo
Schneider Male D-Xhird
Schnouzer Male Battle Blaze
Schultz Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Scorpion Male Mortal Kombat
Scorpion Male Slam Masters
Scott Male Savage Warriors
Sean Male Street Fighter
Sean Male Super Cosplay Ultra War
Sedna Female Bikini Karate Babes
Seed Kashima Female Alice Senki
Seek Maherl Male Breakers
Sei Satou Female Maribato
Sekka Female Double Dragon V
Sektor Male Mortal Kombat
The Senator Male Eternal Champions
Senna Kyoudou Female Big Bang Beat
Sentinel Male X-Men
Senzo Kiri-Gakure Male Kasumi Ninja
Seo Yong Song Male Buriki ONE
Septiego Male Fighter Maker
Sergei Dragunov Male Tekken
Sergei Gorchev Male Fighter Maker
Servbot Male Mega Man Legends
Seth Male King of Fighters
Seth Male Street Fighter
Setsuna Male Last Blade
Setsuna Saizuki Female Evil Zone
Seung Mina Female Soul Calibur
Shadow Male Darkstalkers
Shadow Male Doomsday Warrior
Shadow Male Kakuto Chojin
Shadow Male Marvel vs. Capcom
Shadow Boy Male D-Xhird
Shadow Gheist Female Street Fighter EX
Shadow Master Male Double Dragon V
Shadow Yamato Female Eternal Champions
Shaker Male Plasma Sword
Shaky Jake Male Way of the Warrior
Shang Fenghuang Male Fighting Layer
Shang Tsung Male Mortal Kombat
Shanoa Female Castlevania
Sharon Dame Female Street Fighter EX
Shatterax Male Avengers
Sheana Female Tough Guy
Sheen Genus Male Aggressors or Dark Kombat
Sheeva Female Mortal Kombat
Sheik Male? Legend of Zelda
Sheila Nash Female Fightin' Spirit
Shen Woo Male King of Fighters
Shermie Female King of Fighters
Sheryl Female Rumble Fish
???-Hime / Shiho Munakata Female Mai-HiME
Shikuru & Mamahaha Male & Female Samurai Shodown
Shin Male Dual Blades
Shin Akuma Male Street Fighter
Shingo Yabuki Male King of Fighters
Shinichi Mechazawa Male Cromartie High School
Shinnok Male Mortal Kombat
Shion Male King of Fighters
Shiori Kubo Female Maribato
Shiori Seta Female Shadow Arts
Shishimaru Male Blood Warrior
Shinsaku Maekawa Male Battle K-Road
Shiro Male Fightin' Spirit
Shizuka Maso Female Alice Senki
Shizuku Fuji Female Battle Arena Toshinden
Shizumaru Hisame Male Samurai Shodown
Psycho Shizuru / Shizuru Fujino Female Mai-HiME
Sho Kamui Male Breakers
Sho Shinjo Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Shogun Megazord Male Power Rangers
Shu Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Shuma Gorath Male Avengers
Shun-Di Male Virtua Fighter
Shura Female Soul Calibur
Shura Nai Khanomtom Male World Heroes
Shuzar Male Fightin' Spirit
Sickle Male Double Dragon V
Sie Kensou Male Psycho Soldier
Siemens Male Schmeiser Robo
Silber Male Buriki ONE
Silene Female Fighter's Impact
Silver Horns Male Power Rangers
Silver Samurai Male X-Men
Silvio Male Million KNights Vermillion
Silvis Laws Male Hinokakera
Simon Belmont Male Castlevania
Sin Male Super Cosplay Ultra War
Sinclair Female Art of Fighting
Sinobu Amou Male King of Fighters
Sittara Male Asura Buster
Skullomania Female Street Fighter EX
Slash Male Eternal Champions
Slash Male Waku Waku 7
Slayer Male Guilty Gear
Sledge Male Doomsday Warrior
Slither Male Eternal Champions
Smoke Male Mortal Kombat
Soatome Male D-Xhird
Sodom Male Final Fight
Soiree Meira Male King of Fighters
Sol Badguy Male Guilty Gear
Solid Snake Male Metal Gear
Song Xuandao Male Buriki ONE
Sonork Nezom Male Dark Rift
Sonic the Hedgehog Male Sonic the Hedgehog
SonSon Female SonSon
Sonya Blade Female Mortal Kombat
Sophitia Alexandra Female Soul Calibur
Soria Male Shadow Fighter
Sou Male Super Cosplay Ultra War
Spartacus Male Theatre of Pain
Spawn Male Spawn
Spinal Male Killer Instinct
Spiral Female X-Men
Ssapo Male Bio FREAKS
Stella Female Astra SuperStars
Steve Fox Male Tekken
Stiletta Female Vicious Cycle
Storm Female X-Men
Stormtrooper Male Star Wars
Strider Hiryu Male Strider
Stun Male Bloody Roar
Styx Male Theatre of Pain
Subaru Mikage Female Queen of Heart
Subaru Shinjo Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Suburo Zaimoku Male Last Bronx
Sub-Zero Male Mortal Kombat
Suija Male Samurai Shodown
Super Astro Man Z Male Super Cosplay Ultra War
Super Bilstein Male Plasma Sword
Super Gatita Chaco Female Burning Angels
Super Sonic Male Sonic the Hedgehog
Superman Male Superman
Surugoroku Matsuribayashi Male Samurai Shodown
Suzu-Hime Female Samurai Shodown
Suzune Okita Female Line-Kill Spirits
Sven Male Million KNights Vermillion
Swami Male Way of the Warrior
Syn Female Cardinal Syn
Syogethu Male Blood Warrior
Syoh Male Battle Master
Syoh Hayate Male Savage Reign
Sypha Belnades Female Castlevania


T-660 Male Master's Fighter
Taera Female Vicious Cycle
Taffy Male Clay Fighter
Taira Toudou Female Line-Kill Spirits
Takechina Fujioka Male Knuckle Heads
Takechiyo Male Samurai Shodown
Taki Female Soul Calibur
Takuma Sakazaki Male Art of Fighting
Takuya Male Master's Fighter
Talon Male Primal Rage
Takato Saionji Male Buriki ONE
Takuma Hattori Male Power Instinct
Tam Tam Male Samurai Shodown
Tamara Female Million KNights Vermillion
Tankman Male Newgrounds
Tanya Female Mortal Kombat
Taokaka Female BlazBlue
Taros Male Asura Buster
Tau Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Tau Male Zero Divide
Techumseh Male Savage Warriors
Tekkamen Male Dragoon Might
Temjin Male Art of Fighting
Ten Count Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Tendo Jigoku Male Flame of Recca
Tenko Male Elfmania
Terry Bogard Male Fatal Fury
Test-Kun Male Astra SuperStars
Testament Male Guilty Gear
Tesya Female Battle Blaze
Tetsujin Male Tekken
Thalia Female Bikini Karate Babes
Thanatos Male Eternal Champions
Thanos Male Avengers
Thin Nen Male Power Instinct
Thok Male Star Wars
Thouther Male Hokuto no Ken
Thunder Megazord Male Power Rangers
Thundra Female Kasumi Ninja
Tia Langray Female Breakers
Tien Wu Female Bikini Karate Babes
Tiger Mask Male Tiger Mask
Tira Female Soul Calibur
Tiro Female Super Cosplay Ultra War
Titanic Tim Male Slam Masters
Toad Male X-Men
Tokine Yukimura Female Kekkaishi
Tokiya Mikagami Male Flame of Recca
Tom Teck Male Savage Warriors
Tomahawk Male Fighter's Destiny
Tommy Male Last Bronx
Tong Lee Male Fightin' Spirit
Toon Link Male Legend of Zelda
Toru Kurosawa Male Last Bronx
Toshie Hizikata Female Line-Kill Spirits
Toujin Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Touya Male Yu Yu Hakusho
Towa Yuhazaki Female Drimson Alive
Tracy Female Battle Arena Toshinden
Trevor Belmont Male Castlevania
Trigger Happy Male Double Dragon V
Tron Bonne Female Mega Man Legends
True Ogre Male Tekken
Trunks Male Dragon Ball Z
Tsukuba Goyo Female Shadow Arts
TwinBee Male TwinBee
Typhon Male Rumble Fish
Tyrone Male Street Combat
Tyson Granger Male Beyblade
Tyssa Willing Female Battle K-Road


U.S.Agent Male Avengers
Uminin Male Chou Aniki
Unknown Female Tekken
Uranus Female Battle Arena Toshinden
Uranus Female Bloody Roar
Urien Male Street Fighter
Uriko Nonomura Female Bloody Roar
Ushi Female Fighter's Destiny
Ushio Aotsuki & Tora Male/Male Ushio and Tora
Usopp Male One Piece


v-13 (nu-13) Female BlazBlue
Valerie Female Fighter's Destiny
Valesca Female Xena
Valkyrie Female Schmeiser Robo
Vanessa Female King of Fighters
Vanessa Lewis Female Virtua Fighter
Vanguard Male Cardinal Syn
Vapor Female Tao Feng
Vebel Male Asura Buster
Vector PX-02C Male Plasma Sword
Vega Male Street Fighter
Vegard Male Kakuto Chojin
Veil Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Venom Male Guilty Gear
Venom Male Spider-Man
Venus Female Bikini Karate Babes
Venus Female D-Xhird
Viewtiful Joe Male Viewtiful Joe
Violet Male Tekken
Viren Male Rumble Fish
Virginia Female Million KNights Vermillion
Vermillion Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Vertigo Female Primal Rage
Victor Ortega Male Slam Masters
Victor von Gerdenheim Male Darkstalkers
Violet Male Tekken
Viper Male Shadow: War of Succession
Vodu Male Cardinal Syn
Voluptas Female Bikini Karate Babes
Vulcan Male Theatre of Pain
Vulcano Rosso Male Street Fighter EX


Walter Male Samurai Shodown
Wan-Fu Male Samurai Shodown
Wang Jinrey Male Tekken
Wang Koh San Male Art of Fighting
Wapol Male One Piece
War Male TMNT
War Machine Male Avengers
Waryar Male Vicious Cycle
Watts Male Battle Master
Wei Male Akatsuki Blitzkampf
Wendy Ryan Female Psychic Force
Whip Female King of Fighters
White Male Fatal Fury
Widow Female Super Fighter
Wild-3 Male Zero Divide
Wild Wolf Male Fatal Fury
Wingnut Male TMNT
Wolf Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Wolf Male Battle K-Road
Wolvan Male Battle Master
Wolverine Male X-Men
Wolverine Male X-Men
Wonder Woman Female Justice League
Wong Wang Lung Male Slam Dragon
Wormmon Male Digimon
The Wraith Male Slam Masters
Wu-Ling Female Rabbit
Wulong Male Kaiser Knuckle
Wulong Goth Male Tao Feng
Wyler Male Art of Fighting


Xavier Pendragon Male Eternal Champions
Xeldus Male Blandia
Xena Female Xena
Xiahou Dun Male Dynasty Warriors
Xiahou Yuan Male Dynasy Warriors
Xion Male Bloody Roar
Xtal Male Zero Divide
Xu Zhu Male Dynasty Warriors


Yadon Male Fightin' Spirit
Yagumo Female Far East of Eden
Yaiba Kurogane Male Legend of the Swordsman Yaiba
Yami Male Okami
Yanagi Sakoshita Male Flame of Recca
Yang Male Street Fighter
Yappy Male Eternal Champions
Yashaoh Male Asura Buster
Yashiro Nanakase Male King of Fighters
Yatterman Male Yatterman
Yellow Ranger Female Power Rangers
Yenji Female Dark Rift
Yo Female Super Cosplay Ultra War
Yoda Male Star Wars
Yohmei Asakura Male Shaman King
Yoko Kono Female Last Bronx
Yoriko Yasuzumi Female Arcana Heart
Yoshimitsu Male Tekken
Yoshimori Sumimura Male Kekkaishi
Young Link Male Legend of Zelda
Yu Nishigaki Female Shadow Arts
Yugo Ohgami Male Bloody Roar
Yui Kutuna Female Vanguard Princess
Yuiran Female Daraku Tenshi
Yuiren Male Daraku Tenshi
Sister Yukariko Sanada Female Mai-HiME
Yuki Female Last Blade
Yuki Male NeoGeo Battle Colisseum
Yuki Female King of Fighters
Yuki Female Strip Fighter II
Yuki Fujiwara Female Battle K-Road
Yuki Shirogane Female Lightning Legend
Yukie Chosokabe Female Gleam of Force
Yukino Kikukawa Female Mai-HiME
Yuko Kondou Female Line-Kill Spirits
Yumiko Watanuki Female Variable Geo
Yun Male Street Fighter
Yungmei Ryu Female Fighter's History
Yuri Female Million KNights Vermillion
Yuri Hishimoto Male Fightin' Spirit
Yuri Sakazaki Female Art of Fighting
Yusaku Kudo Male Last Bronx


Z Male Flame of Recca
Zack Male Dead or Alive
Zack Fair Male Final Fantasy VII
Zaimoku Male Last Blade
Zam-B Male Asura Buster
Zafina Female Tekken
Zaku Male Super Cosplay Ultra War
Zangya Female Dragon Ball Z
Zappa Toogood Male Guilty Gear
Zaria Female Bikini Karate Babes
Zato-1 Male Guilty Gear
Zelkin Fiskekrogen Male Plasma Sword
Zen Male Rumble Fish
Zenia Valov Female Arcana Heart
Zeno Male Battle Master
Zero Male Battle Arena Toshinden
Zero Male King of Fighters
Zero Male Mega Man Zero
Zero Male Zero Divide
Zeus Male World Heroes
Zhang Fei Male Dynasty Warriors
Zhao Yen Male Tao Feng
Ziege Male Fighter's Destiny
Zinsuke Male Asura Buster
Zipperhead Male Bio FREAKS
Zoe Johnson Female Fighter Maker
Zola Female Battle Arena Toshinden
Zoma Male Golden Axe
Zombie Male Flame of Recca
Zhou Yun Male Dynasty Warriors
Zulu Male Zero Divide
Zuni Male Eternal Champions
Zygrunt Male Fighting Masters


There are no characters listed at this time. If and when this collection is brought together, it will likely only cover unique custom creations and not very many of the translation characters of those above or variations (ie God Ryu) unless they deserve a very special mention. That's all for now!

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