3D Fighters

This is a simplified list of all the 3D fighting games we are or will try to cover. This list will be constantly updated.

Abalaburn PS1 Takara Tamsoft 1998
Armed Fighter PS1 Banpresto Banpresto 1999
Battle Arena Nitoshinden PS1 Takara Tamsoft 1996
Battle Arena Toshinden PS1 Sony Tamsoft 1995
Battle Arena Toshinden 2 PS1 Playmates Tamsoft 1996
Battle Arena Toshinden 3 PS1 Playmates Tamsoft 1997
Battle Arena Toshinden 4 PS1 Virgin Tamsoft 2000
Battle Arena Toshinden Remix Saturn Playmates Tamsoft x
Battle Arena Toshinden URA Saturn Playmates Tamsoft 1998
Bio FREAKS n/a Midway Saffire 1998
Bloody Roar PS1 Sony Eighting/Raizing 1997
Bloody Roar 2 PS1 Sony Eighting/Raizing 1999
Bloody Roar 4 PS2 Konami Eighting/Raizing 2003
Egao no Asuni PS1 Human Human 1998
Bushido Blade 2 PS1 SquareSoft Lightweight 1998
Cardinal Syn PS1 SCEA Kronos Digital 1998
Contender 2 PS1 Bam Entertainment Bam Entertainment 2000
Critical Blow PS1 Banpresto Racdym 1997
Criticom PS1 Vic Tokai Kronos Digital 1995
Dark Rift N64 Vic Tokai Kronos 1997
Dead or Alive PS1/Saturn Tecmo Team Ninja 1998
Dead or Alive 2 DC Tecmo Team Ninja 1999
Dead or Alive 3 Xbox Tecmo Team Ninja 2001
Dead or Alive 4 X360 Tecmo Team Ninja 2005
Deadly Arts N64 Konami Konami 1998
Vendetta PS2 EA Sports Big Aki Corp. 2003
DOA2 - Hardcore PS2 Tecmo Team Ninja 2000
Budokai 3 PS2 Atari Dimps Corperation 2004
Budokai Tenkaichi 3 PS2 Namco Bandai Spike/Namco Bandai 2007
Dream Mix TV - World Fighters PS2 Konami Konami 2003
Dual Heroes N64 Hudson Produce! 1998
Evil Zone PS1 Titus Yuke's 1999
Fatal Fury - Wild Ambition PS1 SNK SNK 1999
Plasma Sword DC Capcom Capcom 2000
Project Justice DC Capcom Capcom 2001
Soul Blade Arc/PS1 Namco Namco x
Soul Calibur Arc/DC Namco Namco 1999
Soul Calibur II PS2/Xbox/GCN Namco Namco x
Soul Calibur III PS2/Xbox Namco Namco x
Soul Calibur IV PS3/X360 Namco Namco x
Street Fighter IV Arc/PS3/X360/PC Capcom Capcom 2009
Tekken PS1 Namco Namco 1995
Tekken 2 PS1 Namco Namco 1996
Tekken 3 PS1 Namco Namco 1998
Tekken 4 PS2 Namco Namco 2002
Tekken 5 PS2 Namco Namco 2005
Tekken 6 PS3/X360 Namco Namco 2009
Tekken Tag Tournament PS2 Namco Namco 2000
Virtua Fighter Arc/Saturn Sega AM2 x
Virtua Fighter 2 Arc/Saturn Sega AM2 x
Virtua Fighter 3tb Arc/Saturn Sega AM2 x
Virtua Fighter 4 PS2 Sega AM2 x
Virtua Fighter 4 - Evolution PS2 Sega AM2 x
Virtua Fighter 5 PS3/X360 Sega AM2 x


Dragon Blast PC n/a n/a 2009
Fate Axis PC T-Raim T-Raim n/a
Hinokakera PC n/a n/a n/a
SoulSaber PC Yamadaya Yamadaya 2006
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