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A Quick Introduction

1 on 1 combat is as old as it gets in video games, thus with the interests of such sports as boxing and wrestling as well as the popularity of martial arts, it was little wonder that games like Karate Champ, Galactic Warriors, Yie Ar Kung Fu, and Street Fighter would enjoy success in the arcades. But as we all know, it wasn't until Street Fighter II that the avalanche truly began. Entire franchises have been born since then, several even reborn in the 3D era, and with no signs of ever dying out. Even now, in 2009, 2D fighting games continue to flourish in their niche markets with releases like BlazBlue and King of Fighters XII, to say nothing of the ever popular 3D fighters, mixed martial arts, boxing, pro wrestling, and multiplayer madness fighting games.

There are many websites that specialize in particular games as well as those who try to compile the treasure trove of gaming goodness and badness that comes with the genre. We certainly respect their efforts and hope to add to instead of detract from their efforts, but there are just a lot of games and information that seems to be very hard to find. So here, we intended to gather it all: The famous, the obscure, the characters, the histories, the creators, and trivial knowledge about it all. We hope you enjoy and find the information we provide useful. We try our very best to keep up to date, always adding new content, and to be as accurate as possible.

~Fight on.

Born on: July 10, 2009
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